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We develop E-Commerce, ERP, CRM, Back Office System on web, desktop and mobile device.

We Code to create E-Commerce Systems, UI / UX Design, E-Learning Academic Management / Administration Program, SMS Gateway Application Program, WebSMS, Integrated Application Programs, Payments, Consultation Guidance, Attendance System, LJK (Computer Answer Sheet), Assessment, SIMDIK Education Information System, Digital Library, Interactive Multimedia Application, Problem-Evaluation Program. Our main objective is deliver the best software to speed up and simplify your business.

We take care of your Digital Campaign.

When you constantly integrate art and technology, you will always come up with something innovative from different perspectives.
We deliver Brand Innovation, Strategic Planning, Media Planning, Online Marketing, Social Media Management, Market Engagement, Mobile Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics and Research, Creative Content to boost your business.

We are here as your Passionate Creative Design Agency

Graphic design is a form of visual communication that offering solution by properly utilised typography, space, image and colour into one solid engaging language.
We here to deliver Digital Interactive Media, Logo and Corporate Identities and Print, Promotion Tools, Company Profile, Visual Effect, Video Editing, Documentation, 3D Modeling, Audio Editing, Bumper Video Creation, Score Background, Flash Animation.

We give you comprehensive solutions for all your information and technology problems.

Operational & Maintenance services such as Hosting and Web Server, Hardware and Telecommunication, Service and maintenance, School Web Panel, IT Training, IT Consultant. Hardware Distribution such as Server Unit, PC Client, UPS, Notebook, Tablet, LCD Projector, Finger Print, CCTV System, Licensed Software.

Our Adventure

A glimpse of our glorious adventure that declare our company commitment and consistency.
  • 2012Program Bina Marga (Kab. Indramayu)
    Inventory and management system to control the activity of the area development process based on Visual Basic 2010, MySQL and Crystal Report.
  • 2013Billing Warung Informasi Masyarakat (KPDT)
    Billing Application (Payment Transaction) for Public Information Stall held by the Ministry of Development of Disadvantaged Areas based on Visual Basic 6, MySqL.
  • 2013Interactive Learning Content
    Creation of interactive learning content for SD, SMP, SMA and Vocational school year 2013, for 13 Subjects. Project under PT. Aliansi Karya Mandiri based on Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and Flash), AS2 (Action Script).
  • 2013Marketing Tools & Promotions
    We Design The Business Proposal, Business cards, letterhead, Product Label, Brochure, Catalog, Package Design for EBC Spa and Salon.
  • 2013Office Stationery Design
    We Design Company Logo, Company Profile, Envelope, Business Cards, Letterhead for PT. Perintis Mutiara Nusantara.
  • 2013Office Stationery Design
    We create Company Profile, Port Folio, Proposal, Envelope, Business cards, letterhead and Marketing Tools : Car Branding, Brochure, Product Labels, Manual book,T-Shirt, Logos, Stickers for PT. Citra Mandiri Infokom.
  • 2013Office Stationery Design
    We create Company Profile,Company Port Folio & Business Proposal, Envelope, Business cards, Company Letterhead for PT. Anugrah Amrta Persada.
  • 2014Equipment Procurement
    Equipment Procurement at the Ministry of Forestry including: Air Conditioner, TV Led, Fire Extinguisher, Sound System, Exhaust Fan Ceiling.
  • 2014Smart Database
    A web-based app that displays a resource graph of the apparatus In all ministries that are always updated due to this system are Web-based. The data that shown has been validated by the official before it is displayed. Project under Lembaga Administrasi Negara (LAN) based on XHtml 1.1, Java, PHP5, MySql, CSS 2, Javascript, Ajax, Jquery, XML.
  • 2014Equipment Procurement
    Procurement of Computer Lab Equipment for SMK Al-Wasiliah Jakarta, including: Desktop multimedia computer, display monitor, Software LJK.
  • 2014Hardware Development
    HDMI wireless presentation, Education sound sistem, Portable Audio System for PT. Eureka Indonesia.
  • 2014Equipment Procurement
    Procurement of Desktop PC and Server at Barabai Hospital Kalimantan, as well as installation of Computer Equipment and hospital system.
  • 2014Hardware Development
    Booth Eureka Product Indocomtech Exhibit 2014 create Backdrop Design, Booth Display, and Merchandise Promotions and Souvenir for PT. Eureka Indonesia.
  • 2014CPI Import System Software
    Import System Software Development to manage all import work processes and everything related to taxes, customs, Deptan and BPOM for CPI (Charoen Pokphand Indonesia TBK). Platform : Desktop Base (Windows) Language : VB.Net, MySql, Crystal Report.
  • 2014E-commerece System and Web Profile
    Desktop-based application development and Online store sales covering all sales activities, stock items, billing, barcode system and sales report. All reports can be viewed through the mobile app (.apk) that can be installed on all smartphones / tablet-based mobile devices for Electra Computer. Platform : Desktop Base & Web Base (OS Windows/Linux) Language : VB.Net, XHtml 1.1, Java, PHP5 & MySql, CSS 2, Javascript, Ajax & Jquery, XML.
  • 2014Accounting Property Manager
    It is a Web Based Property Management Application, that functions as Information System for a consumer data management and sales transaction, performs consumer data checks, leased space data, accounts receivable reports, consumer payment transactions and so forth for NAGOYA HILLS BATAM. Platform: Web Base (OS Linux) Language: CodeIgniter, MySQL
  • 2014Office Stationery Design
    Company Profile,Port Folio,Proposal, Envelope, Business cards, letterhead and Marketing Tools : Package, Brochure, Labels, Manual Book, Catalog, Web Layout, Web banner, Product Logos for PT. Aliansi Insan Mandiri.
  • 2014Marketing Tools & Promotions
    Car Branding, Brochure, Product Labels, T-Shirt, Paper Bag, Pen,Stickers, Catalog, Xbanner Expo Booth layout,BackDrop, Animated 2D Video for PT. EUREKA Indonesia.
  • 2014Marketing Tools & Promotions
    Bumper Logo Animated 3D Video (After Effect) Calendar 2015 (Design & Printing) for Rajawali Advertising.
  • 2015Point of Sales Applications
    Is a Web-based inventory system application to control inventory at PT. Prima Jaya Axindo, Includes transaction receipts, expenses, returns, warehouse transfers as well as goods adjustments. Platform: Desktop Base (Windows OS) Language: .Net, MySQL.
  • 2015Microscope Wireless Application
    Is an integrated application with hardware (microscope) based on Android, serves as a monitoring / screen microscope. Android applications have a variety of menus and features to help teachers and students in the process of teaching and learning in the classroom / practice for PT. EUREKA Indonesia. Platform: Desktop Base & Web Base (Windows / Linux OS) Language: VB.Net, XHtml 1.1, Java, PHP5 & MySql, CSS 2, Javascript, Ajax & Jquery, XML.
  • 2015Smart Media App
    Application containing school learning materials, this application can read any content in flash format, ebook, video etc. As a substitute for student's books and help teachers in the process of teaching and learning in the classroom for PT. EUREKA Indonesia. Platform: Android Base Language: Java
  • 2015ILS (Independent Learning System)
    It is a Learning Application that contains learning materials. The android apps are designed to be interactive for the students with the surrounding objects. The application is integrated with the camera gadget that serves as a scanner to scan / capture the barcode already listed on each object (books, tables, props. Etc). For PT. Global Multi Adikarya Platform: Android Base Language: Java
  • 2016Web Development
    News Portal www.megapolitanpos.com for PT. Megapolitanpos Platform: Web Base and Android Base Language: Java and PHP
  • 2016Web App, CMS & Android Online Reservation
    It is a Web-based Application for Company Profile and Menu Presentation and there is also an online Reservation feature, the Notification directly using android and SMS gateway for PT. Pelita Boga Lestari. Platform: Android Base & Web Base (Linux OS) Language: XHtml 1.1, PHP5 & MySql, CSS 2, Javascript, Ajax & Jquery, XML
  • 2016Brother i-Shop MarketPlace
    Android and Web App that serves to help customers to find products available at every nearest brother dealer. Platform: Android Base, Web Base Language: Java, PHP
  • 2016Job Seeker and Employee Finder App
    Vintro is Android app and Web Dashboard that serves to facilitate job seekers looking for a job In accordance with the field, and for companies / institutions that want to find employees / workers in accordance with their needs. Platform: Android Base, Web Base Language: Java, PHP
  • 2017Sports & Fitness App
    FitAccess is monthly sport membership that gives you access to more than 100 sport locations in Indonesia, with features like : registration and Barcode Scanner, maps, payment gateway, rating and extended search for exercise place / fitness center. Platform: Android Base, Web Base Language: Java, PHP.
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